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The COVID-19 pandemic has made it possible to work remotely, so colivings in Tenerife have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. This is a housing option similar to dormitories. 
We pay for a room in one of the apartments, where several people will live with us, also having their own rooms. Some coliving also offers private apartments, which is a good option for those who value privacy but want to belong to the digital nomad communities more intensively. Choosing such accommodation, you will immediately join the community of digital nomads, which is great if you are traveling alone or this is a new lifestyle for you.

Coliving owners also often organize activities such as yoga, surf, parties, or hikings around Tenerife.

What part of the island to live on as a digital nomad?

The Teide volcano divides Tenerife into two climatic zones – northern and southern.

North of Tenerife
The north of the island is characterized by lower temperatures and more rainfall than the South, which translates into much more diverse vegetation. Cooler So parts of Tenerife are very green and more authentic. It’s also cheaper here than South. The beaches found here are those with black sand, and in the north there is also a fewer tourists. There are numerous guachinche, or restaurants with local food.
South of Tenerife
The south, on the other hand, is characterized by very little rainfall and sunny weather. However, this translates into vegetation – the climate is very dry, in the Many of the flora present is one that manages to survive a long period without rainfall. Driving from the southern airport, we will see mountainous areas in the distance, The rest are desert areas. Virtually all of the palm trees found in the south are artificially irrigated. Adeje, Las Americas and Los Cristianos are. towns built typically for tourists – there are many hotels and restaurants not only with Spanish cuisine. There are also many clubs and bars. Most of the beaches found here are those with golden sand brought from the Sahara.

The advantage of Tenerife is that it’s a small island and deciding on any part of it to residence, you can easily and quickly get to any place.

The most popular places to live in Tenerife

Costa Adeje

Here are located the most luxurious
Hotels and very nice beaches. It’s been here
Unfortunately, quite crowded, especially over
Water. From the port of Adeje, you set sail for the
trips to observe whales and
dolphins. Zen coworking is also located here
den, which in addition to providing
work space, organizes a very
lots of events for digital nomads –
The schedule can be found on the official website

Las Americas

This is where the nightlife is most vibrant. There are many clubs and bars here and The most popular beach for surfing. There are also many surf schools here, in Which you can take individual lessons, group, or just rent foam and board. There are also a lot of clothing stores and the Siam water park Park.

Los Cristianos

It is my favorite place to live on Tenerife and is located in its southern parts. I chose this place because of Very nice weather, close accessibility to the beaches, there is also the largest digital nomad community. It’s here Every day, nomads make arrangements to play in the beach volleyball. One of the the most popular clubs on the Tenerife – Casablanca.

El Medano

This place is a popular choice for people who love water sports – with due to the fact that in El Medano very winds, there are ideal conditions for Practicing kitesurfing or windsurfing. It is also very sunny and atmospheric here – There is a small harbor and many intimate pubs.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The island’s capital is characterized by cooler weather than the southern part of the Islands, while it is here that you can feel the big city climate. Not far from Santa Cruz occurs the longest, by many rated as the most beautiful beach on the Tenerife – Playa de las Tresitas. In the near There is also a picturesque Park in the distance Anaga National.

Puerto de la Cruz

It is a popular tourist destination on the The north of the island. There are many hotels located here, But this town located on the shore of the The ocean is very picturesque and climate. There are a lot of pubs and meetings for digital nomads.

Final thoughts about places to live in Tenerife

My choice was south, namely Los Cristianos, and I do not regret my decision.
The largest gathering of digital nomads occurs here, so for a person traveling alone may be the best solution. There’s also a lot of nice sandy beaches. I also lived in Adeje, however, for me it is too crowded a city.

Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Adeje are cities that are separated by very short distances, so if you choose to stay in Las Americas, for example, you can walk or take a bus to Los Cristianos for a nomadic meeting.

List of colivings in Tenerife

Cactus is located in the south of the island in Valle de San Lorenzo, located 8 kilometers away from Los Cristianos. The site is located at secluded hill, the area is very peaceful, views from the coliving They span the hills and the ocean. Coliving is located on a hill. From Valle de San Lorenzo goes by bus to Los Cristianos and such a bus trip lasts about 20 minutes. Additional perks include staying in a historic house, Wine cellar with wine workshops, daily breakfast with local components, organized classes, a coworking and conference room, and a daily yoga classes. This is an ideal option for those wishing to work in the secluded conditions, be close to nature as well as a short distance from the the main community of digital nomads, and both meet other people, Who came to Tenerife to work remotely. Cactus coliving enjoys very good reviews on Google.
colivings in Tenerife Cactus coliving
colivings in Tenerife Cactus coliving

Photos taken from the gallery of the coliving website

Located in the center of La Orotava in the north of the island historic house from 1852, has been converted into a coliving and is the most popular coliving in Tenerife. The coliving offers views of the sea and the El Teide volcano. Due to the high interest in the place, the room should be booked here several months in advance. Additional perks include a rooftop with amazing views, a daily fresh breakfast and a yoga classes. Private and shared rooms are an option. Nine coliving has very good reviews on Google.

Photos taken from the gallery of the coliving website

Amarilla has coliving in the south and north of the island. Amarilla has very good reviews on the Internet, in the offer you will find both rooms in shared apartments, as well as private apartments. Additional Amenities include coworking (which is free if you choose to For overnight stays in Amarilla – in the south in Costa San Miguel, and in the north in Los Realejos), outdoor swimming pool, organized meetings, free yoga classes at the fresh air, free surfing lessons and tours. Amarilla is organizing many meetings for digital nomads, have a group on Whatsapp and Telegram, meetings can be joined without living in Amarilla.

Photos taken from gallery coliving page

Igikai is located in the north of the island, between the towns of Puerto de la Cruz a La Orotava. The advantages of coliving is that it is located in a quiet neighborhood, with close access to the green corners of the island, and from the building There are views of the Puerto, the banana plantation and the Teide volcano. On offer There is unlimited access to coworking space, jaccuzzi, Free coffee and tea, movie screenings. The owners also organize joint tours. Igikai has very good reviews on Google.

Photos taken from gallery coliving page

  • Taoro Coliving
Taoro is located in the north of the island in a village near Puerto de la Cruz. It is a very nice villa with a swimming pool, there are 6 rooms on offer. Coliving is located away from the hustle and bustle of major cities, it is an ideal option for people Those wishing to spend time in nature, as well as both among the community digital nomads. Additional advantages are organized by owners hiking, biking, meeting other nomads, morning meditations. Taoro has very good reviews on Google.

Photo taken from gallery coliving page

Maraya is located in the northeastern part of the island, 20 kilometers on the South of Santa Cruz. Coliving is located at the Aroba Gorge, surrounded by the beautiful views. There is a beach about 2 kilometers away. Deciding to rent here in a room, in the price we get daily Breakfast and 4 dinners per week, coworking space, daily Yoga classes on the terrace with beautiful views of the area and access to the pool. Maraya has very good reviews on Google.

Photo taken from website coliving

Oasis is located in the town of Playa de Las Americas. It is Located within walking distance of 5 minutes to the main, best beach to surfing. There are many bars and clubs in the area, but the place itself Doesn’t have very good reviews on google. I know from experience that Many digital nomads choose this place because the area’s Adeje/Las Americas/Los Cristianos, it is the only coliving. Included in the room rate You can also use the swimming pool. It is a place for people who want to experience a little something like academic life, because it The place is known for hosting many events. Oasis has average reviews On Google.
Buddha is located in the town of San Isidro, in close proximity to El Medano (the bus trip will take about 10 minutes, and to Los Cristianos 20 minutes). Deciding to stay here, the price will additionally get access to To the coworking room, shared with other residents of the car coliving. What true room rates are the cheapest of all coliving, but it does not enjoy the However, too good reviews on Google. In addition, the distance to The nearest beach is 7 kilometers, and the town of San Isidro does not have us to offer nothing in particular.

What do you value most?

Coliving in the north will be the best option for you if you want to be both in a small group of digital nomads and close to beautiful nature. The South will be a better choice if you want to be in the center of many meetings organized specifically for digital nomads. Would you like to feel like a perpetual student? Choose Oasis coliving 😀 That’s where most nomads live. If you love surfing – El Medano or Las Americas, and kitesurfing and other water sports – El Medano.

Colivings in Tenerife - overview

Discount for longer
Services included
Cactus coliving & coworking32 – room
47 – 54 – room
5 daysyes
for stays
longer than 14 days
(10 – 35% discount)
daily breakfast
Nine colivings32 – room
48 – room
7 daysyes, 30% for
monthly stay
daily breakfast
Amarilla colivings35-75 -room
3 dayscoworking
Igikai Coliving30 – 45 – room
7 daysyes, 15-30% discountJacuzzi
Taoro Coliving48-60 – room
7 daysyes, 25% discount for
stays longer than
28 days
Monday dinner
Friday brunch
room cleaning once per
Maraya Coliving48-64 room –
3 daysyes, 20% for
weekly stay and
30% for monthly
dinner 4x a week
Oasis Coliving40 – private roomno data750office chairs and tables
cleaning once a week
Buddha Colivings18 – 28 – room
no datano dataRoom cleaning once per
shared car

If you don’t want to live in a coliving, and opt for a private apartment, you can also work from a coworking space, where you are sure to meet digital nomads and have an ergonomic chair and desk. I wrote about coworking in Tenerife here:


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