Thailand was the second destination on my 5-month Southeast Asia trip. Even though I had been here a few years ago, I knew I wanted to see more this time. I spent a total of 35 days here, visiting the following places:

  • Bangkok
  • Koh Chang Island
  • Koh Phangan Island
  • Chiang Mai
  • Pai.

The second month of traveling in Asia - my thoughts

Despite the fact that my brain has already got used to the new reality, sometimes I am caught by moments of emotion and disbelief that I finally dared to fulfill my greatest dream. I usually have such moments in my life when I feel that I am in the right place and I am following my own path and not other people’s.

I spent my second month of travel in Thailand. It was here, contrary to appearances, and not in Bali, that I met the most inspiring people who had very interesting ideas for earning money and for their lives in general. I had the most interesting conversations and heard questions that forced me to leave my comfort zone.
A month of traveling around Thailand made me realize that despite the fact that each of us has a different idea for ourselves, we all really just want to be happy and understood by people from our closest surroundings. This month teaches me a lot of humility and being more understanding to other people, but also to myself.

Koh Phangan - my favourite place in Asia

I heard a lot of conflicting opinions about Koh Phangan, but something inside told me that I had to go there. Some people told me that the island is expensive and full of young, drunk people. The second group of people said that there is a calm atmosphere and many yoga centers. The island of Koh Phangan is known primarily for the party that takes place every month during the full moon (Full Moon Party), on Haad Rin beach, on its south-eastern part. A few days before and after the island is indeed full of people who often come here just to attend a party. All accommodation near the event is very expensive. Therefore, I am not surprised by the negative opinions about the island – I participated in this event myself, during which I was robbed. Anyway, this minor incident didn’t change my positive attitude towards Koh Phangan – that’s where I met the coolest people!


Koh Phangan

I stayed for two weeks at the Shiralea Resort on Haad Yao Beach and it was the best backpacker spot I’ve ever stayed in Asia. There are several bungalows and a dormitory here. I met great people here thanks to the fact that there is a large common area with a bar and restaurant where all the backpackers hang out. There is also coworking, a swimming pool and a gym that can be used for free, but there are also paid yoga and cross-fit classes. I recommend it with all my heart!

The island also offers numerous yoga studios, wellness centers and meditation centers. There are many restaurants/bistros with delicious food, where you can take your laptop and work in peace. There are also coworking spaces here. There are also bars where live concerts are held. Koh Phangan Island is a place where everyone will find something for themselves.

Interesting places in Thailand

In addition to meeting great people, I also managed to do some cool things in Thailand:

– I saw Bangkok from the tallest building in the city, King Power Mahanakhon – the views are beautiful. There is also a balcony with a glass floor.

–  I went to Caturday Cafe – really cool experience
– I escaped the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and visited the attraction called the Ancient City. The best thing about it is that you can rent a city bike in the price of the ticket and thus explore the whole place
– I fed the elephants in a cafe I found by chance on the way from Chiang Mai to the waterfall. There were also lots of dogs and it was by far the coolest coffee shop I’ve had coffee in in Thailand
– I attended a cooking course in Chiang Mai on a farm
– I ate a lot of delicious food, but finally my heart was stolen by mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream at Khao Kwan Restaurant on Koh Chang island.

– I watched the Koh Chang fire show that takes place on the beach every evening

– I visited the Nam Lod cave located near the town of Pai and the Pai Canyon

Map of interesting places in Thailand​

During my stay in Thailand, I managed to gather a lot of interesting experiences by visiting cool places. I collected them all on the map, leaving a note with each one. By subscribing to my newsletter, you will get access to the map in Google Maps with 30 marked places 🙂

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