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The most popular COWORKING places in Tenerife

During the covid-19 pandemic, Tenerife became a very popular destination to work remotely, so naturally places started to spring up here where you can come with your laptop and work in silence, plus it’s an opportunity to meet new people who also work remotely. For a day spent in a coworking space, you usually have to pay a price of about 15 euros.

zen den Tenerife
Zen den Tenerife

1. Chill Co-Working

It is the largest coworking space in the south of Tenerife, which is located in Los Cristianos. The office has two floors and a relaxation space. Coming to Chill coworking, you can buy space in the open space, there are also 4 private offices. The price for a half day spent there is 9 euros, for a full day you will pay 14. It costs 30 euros to rent an office for half a day and 50 euros for a whole day. It is possible to purchase a flexible package for 10 entries for 80-120 euros. An additional 7% tax should be added to the prices.

It is a coworking space located in the south of Tenerife in Adeje. You’ll find open space, and the office also has a meeting room where you can lock yourself in and conduct an online meeting in peace. The price for a day’s use of coworking costs 15 euros, and it is also possible to purchase a weekly (60 euros) or monthly (195 euros) membership. The price includes free coffee, teas and fruit. In addition, the owner of the coworking space organizes all kinds of meetings for digital nomads – salsa classes, a business meeting for women, or just networking 😉 the whole program schedule can be found on the official coworking website.

It is the largest coworking space in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The offer includes both open space and daily (15 euros), weekly (60 euros) and flexible packages (10 entries for 110 euros, which can be used within 60 days). In addition, you can purchase access to the meeting room for 20 euros per hour. Coffee and water are added to the price of the service.

It is a coworking space located in the north of the island in Puerto de la Cruz. There will be open space as well as private offices. We will pay 15 euros for a day in open space, weekly access to the office costs 49 euros, and monthly access costs 150 euros. Prices for a private office per day range from 25 to 35 euros.

Coworking places - overview

  euro/day euro/
euro/month Private office/
Additional services
Chill Co-Working 14
+ 7% VAT
+ 7% VAT
+ 7% VAT
Yes, 4
30 euros per half day /.
50 euros for the whole day
+ 7% VAT
you can come for the day (9 euros)
10 entries for €80-€120
Zen den Tenerife 15 60 195 meeting room for use in the price of the service coffee, tea and fruit included in the price of the service
Workeamos 15 60 150 meeting room
20 euros/hour
coffee and water included in the price of the service
10 entries for €110
Coworking in the sun 15 49 150 yes
25 – 36 euros per day
gym (5 euros/day)
package for 3 months (360 euros)
Overview of coworking spaces in Tenerife

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